Sample Movie and Television Script Downloads
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Before your write a screenplay, you should read as many examples as you possibly can. These free screenplays can help.

You would never try to paint a picture without first seeing one. You would never write a novel without reading one. So why try writing a screenplay without first reading as many scripts as you can get your hands on?

Here are movie and television scripts written in standard screenplay format available for you to download.


AFTER THE TRUTH, a screenplay for a feature film. This script was the subject of a six-figure spec sale and became a multiple-award-winning feature film starring Goetz George as the infamous Angel of Death at Auschwitz, Dr. Josef Mengele. 

To learn more about AFTER THE TRUTH the movie click here.

To download the original screenplay for AFTER THE TRUTH in Adobe Acrobat format click here.


ACTUAL INNOCENCE, a script for a made-for-television movie. This script, written for the Fox Television Network and Mandalay Television Films, is adapted from the nonfiction book by attorneys Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jim Dwyer. Includes the first three acts of the television script, demonstrating how to format television act breaks, and a cast page and sets page in standard screenplay format.

To download the teleplay for ACTUAL INNOCENCE in Adobe Acrobat format click here.

Get help writing a script that grabs Hollywood's attention -- from writers who've done it. 
"The Rileys constantly made me dig deeper into the characters and go for the emotional truth. Thanks to their input, I now have a fellowship at Disney and a script that gets managers and agents to call me."
Amy Snow
Winner, 2004 Disney Screenwriting Fellowship
To find out how Christopher and Kathleen Riley, the writers behind the scripts featured on this page, can help you, click here.

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