After the Truth
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What happens when fugitive Dr. Josef Mengele, the notorious Angel of Death at Auschwitz, returns to modern-day Germany to stand trial?

Starring Goetz George and Kai Wiesinger, Written by Christopher & Kathleen Riley, Directed by Roland Susso Richter

Josef Mengele stands trial in Berlin

"A spine-tingling masterpiece." 

Germany’s BamS

"Gripping and surprisingly moving."


"One of the great ‘what-ifs’ of history. Supported by an extremely well-written script and an exceptional cast of actors, AFTER THE TRUTH works as a powerful story with ethical and moral overtones."

Piers Handling, Toronto International Film Festival

"AFTER THE TRUTH, in the tradition of the uncompromising political thrillers of Constantin Costa-Gavras and Francesco Rosi, has stirred the biggest film controversy in Germany since the release of Steven Spielberg’s SCHINDLER’S LIST."

Jack Kindred, South Africa’s Dispatch


"Harrowing courtroom drama, written by Americans but made by Germans, brings Joseph Mengele back to life and to justice… Utterly engrossing, provocative and impeccably acted."

Detroit Free Press

"One of the first dramatic films from Germany to examine the crimes of the Nazi era.  From a screenplay by American writers Christopher Riley and Kathleen Riley, After the Truth so impressed Goetz George that he helped finance the film to the tune of one million marks."

The New York Times

"A vigorous condemnation of Nazism."

Spain’s El Mundo

"Courageous and smart. High octane."

Rolling Stone

"Masterful… This will change your life."

Detroit Jewish Film Festival Official Guide

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Mengele on the stand

AFTER THE TRUTH is the recipient of numerous international awards and nominations:

  • Nominated, BEST ACTOR (Goetz George), 1999 EUROPEAN FILM AWARDS
  • WINNER, BEST ACTOR (Goetz George), 2000 Brussels International Film Festival
  • Nominated, BEST EUROPEAN FEATURE, 2000 Brussels International Film Festival
  • WINNER, Special Jury Award, 14th World Television Festival, Hyogo-Awaji, Japan
  • Nominated, BEST DIRECTOR (Roland Suso Richter), 1999 San Sebastian International Film Festival
  • WINNER, BEST DIRECTOR, 2000 Aubagne International Film Festival
  • Nominated, DEUTSCHER KAMERAPREIS, 2000 German Camera Award
  • WINNER, Jury Prize, 2000 Aubagne International Film Festival
  • WINNER, Jury Prize, 2000 Valenciennes International Film Festival

Peter Rohm meets the monster

AFTER THE TRUTH has been a favorite at more than 30 film festivals:

  • Toronto International Film Festival
  • European Union Film Festival
  • Chicago International Film Festival
  • Brussels International Film Festival
  • Berlin International Film Festival
  • Singapore International Film Festival
  • Moscow International Film Festival
  • Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival
  • Detroit Jewish Film Festival
  • Toronto Jewish Film Festival
  • Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival
  • Washington, D.C., Jewish Film Festival
  • London Institute of Contemporary Arts
  • Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival
  • Warsaw, Poland, Film Festival
  • Rabat, Morocco, International Film Festival

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