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Call us script doctors.  Call us script consultants.  We can help you write a screenplay that grabs Hollywood's attention -- because we're writers who've done it.

Who needs script consulting?

Whether you’re a veteran producer with a screenplay about to go in front of the cameras or a newcomer writing your first screenplay and you've just typed "fade out," you need a script consultant with objective, informed feedback about exactly what’s working in your screenplay and what isn’t. But you need more than some anonymous reader or analyst who can just tell you how you’re doing. You need a true script doctor, a creative expert who can provide skilled script consulting that helps you strengthen what’s already working and fix what’s broken.

That’s exactly the kind of script consulting we do.

We're script doctors/script consultants and screenwriters Christopher and Kathleen Riley.  Because we’re screenwriters successfully working today in Hollywood, we can guide you toward creative solutions to specific script problems. Because we’re also successful screenwriting instructors, we can equip you with essential skills and insider techniques that will improve your writing on this project and every future project. Your script will get better and so will you.

Choosing the right script consultant can make all the difference

When you choose scriptHollywood, you're choosing script doctors who are:

  • working writers with major studio assignments who are actively engaged writing movies in today's Hollywood
  • the produced, credited screenwriters of the multiple-award-winning feature film After the Truth, which Rolling Stone called "high-octane" and Variety called "a gripping and surprisingly moving slice of entertainment."
  • successful screenwriting instructors whose students are winning major awards and making writing deals
  • Hollywood's foremost authority on screenplay format and style
  • proud members of the Writers Guild of America

No other reader, analyst, script doctor or screenplay consultant can claim all that.

What a screenwriting consultation with scriptHollywood can do for you

We tailor our practical advice to the needs of your project and to advancing your screenwriting skills to get you noticed. We’ll help you:

  • improve your project’s marketability by focusing your screenplay toward a commercial story, genre and cast
  • make readers care by developing characters shaped by their pasts and driven by clear, powerful needs and desires
  • build a robust, professional structure that solidly supports your story
  • put readers on the edges of their seats by sharpening and clarifying conflict and jeopardy
  • create dialogue that efficiently reveals character and advances your story
  • write action sequences that are crisp, fresh and exciting
  • enrich your project with a consistent and coherent theme
  • ensure your screenplay format is clean and professional

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"The Rileys are the Venus and Serena Williams of screenwriting. Except they’re not sisters or black."

Amy Snow, Winner, 2004 Disney Fellowship

"My screenwriting took gigantic leaps forward under the Rileys’ guidance. Their teaching style is so full of warmth and humor you don’t realize at first how much you’re being pushed toward greater depth and truth in your writing. I got from the Rileys not only clear, highly practical tools that improved my work immediately, but also rich insights into the broader truths of storytelling which will continue to inform my writing in the future."

Haynes Brooke, Winner, 2005 MacFarland Screenwriting Fellowship

"The Rileys’ ability to guide and shape young screenwriters is surpassed only by their generosity in doing so. The methods and principals they have taught me have improved my writing and will continue to influence me every time I type ‘FADE IN.’"

Andrea Gyertson Nasfell, 2nd Place Winner, 2003 Nevada Film Office Screenwriters Competition, Vice President of Sodium Entertainment

"The Rileys constantly made me dig deeper into the characters and go for the emotional truth. Thanks to their input, I now have a fellowship at Disney and a script that gets managers and agents to call me."

Amy Snow, Winner, 2004 Disney Fellowship

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